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The Indonesian Islamic Studies and International Relations Association (INSIERA) is an inclusive association based on individual membership that connects academics, practitioners and enthusiasts of Islamic Studies and International Relations in Indonesia.

“Insiera publishes various scientific works as knowledge dissemination of its members both individually and institutionally.”

Haji dan Hubungan Internasinoal


Berkumpulnya beragam suku bangsa adalah fenomena khusus yang hanya terdapat dalam Islam. Tidak ada satu momen di dunia ini yang mampu mengumpulkan jutaan manusia berbeda suku bangsa dan negara dalam satu waktu tertentu. Inilah bentuk hubungan internasional paripurna yang mengedepankan perbedaan dalam kerangka persatuan dan perdamaian dunia.

Towards the Inception of MoU with IIIT

An international reputable research institute from the United States founded by the late Professor Ismail Raji Al Faruqi, International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), will collaborate with INSIERA in funding several publication projects. The cooperation proposal has been submitted to the IIIT during their visit to Darussalam Gontor University (UNIDA) on Monday, 19 September 2016.

Jisiera Volume 5, Agustus, 2020

Akhir kepemimpinan Joko Widodo pada periode pertamanya, menorehkan tinta sejarah baru bagi publik tanah air tatkala wacana Khilafah menjadi marak diperbincangkan hingga berujung pada pelarangan organisasi trans-nasional Hizbut Tahrir. Wacana Khilafah sejatinya bukan saja domain Hizbut Tahrir, Jisiera edisi 2020 tertarik untuk mengupas wacana tersebut, tentu dalam koridor demi membuka pintu diskusi ilmiah yang terbuka akan kritik sehat nan konstruktif.

Since my study at undergraduate level, I had a great interest in Islamic studies and International Relations. This is due to at least four factors: first, starting from the question of why Islam (as a political power) can be subdued, and why it is only become a marginal unit in the international system; second, the discourse on the clash of civilizations by Samuel Huntington made Islam as a threat to the Western civilization; third, Islam has always been the object of the Western paradigm hegemony in the discipline of International Relations; fourth, there are still limited scholars and researchers who focus on discussing Islamic perspectives in the discipline of International Relations. These four factors make me want to focus on dissecting International Relations from Islamic perspective. However, there are two main obstacles, namely the limited literature, and colleagues who are seriously interested in discussing this discourse. As a result, the efforts made so far are self-taught and relatively subjective.

Alhamdulillah, the inception of INSIERA in 2016 opened a great opportunity for more intensive and comprehensive discussion of Islam and International Relations. The result is the existence of Islam in flourishing the treasures of International Relations perspectives. Another added value obtained from INSIERA is the motivation of colleagues who not only aim to understand Islam and International Relations, but also to proletize Islam. In addition, the existence of INSIERA is expected to contribute actively in rebuilding Islamic thought and civilization in the international realm in order to actualize Izzul Islam wal Muslimin.

Rizky Hikmawan, S.IP., M.Si.(Teaching Staff of International Relations Undergraduate Program at UPN Veteran, Jakarta)

By becoming a member of INSIERA, I intend to preach and serve in the Islamization project or the Integration of Islamic Studies with International Relations in Indonesia. Hopefully, togetherness with INSIERA’s colleagues will solidify the ranks of academic da’wah in all campuses in Indonesia and can take part in the development of Islamic political studies and thoughts on the world stage.

Dr. Ahmad Sahide (Teaching Staff of International Relations Postgraduate Program at UMY)

My motivation to become a member of INSIERA is not only to preach through my field of study, but also the desire to explore the roots of the study of International Relations in the Islamic civilization and develop it into a scientific discipline that really makes a major contribution to human civilization. Joining INSIERA is a medium of friendship to remind each other in terms of goodness and truth, God willing. In addition, I also hope that we, academics in the Eastern Indonesia region, can be embraced to jointly advance Islamic scholarship.

Syaiful Anam, S.IP., M.Sc., MIS. (Teaching Staff of International Relations Undergraduate Program at Universitas Mataram, NTB)

The existence of Insiera is not just a counter to the secular methodology that is very dominant in the study of International Relations. But what is more basic, INSIERA is part of the means of enjoining amar ma’ruf nahi munkar that must be carried out by Indonesian Muslim International Relations scientists. INSIERA is expected to be able to show how Islam can contribute positively in solving current global political problems. Success is always for INSIERA, may you continue to be istiqomah in His path.

Hasbi Aswar, S.IP., M.A (Teaching Staff of International Relations Undergraduate Program at UII, Yogyakarta)

Keep it up Inseira! Keep istiqomah in fighting for Islamic humanitarian values!

Dr. Surwandono (President of INSIERA, Director of International Relations Postgraduate Program at UMY)